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The Challenges for a Glass Micro Batch Colorant System

    No more-demanding weighing and batching application exists than a glass colorant system. The colorant system requires precise batch accuracy delivered in a highly hostile environment. In the flat glass industry, the "Majors" batch system is usually comprised of vibratory feeders, large conveyor belts, bucket elevators, large rotating mixers, check scales, and numerous vibratory flow aids to keep all materials moving.

The Challenges

  • Precision control of a repeatable process
  • Very small batch sizes of 5g to 500g
  • Heavy metals
  • High density products
  • High accuracy: +/- 1 gram
  • Difficult environmental conditions and heavy vibration

These conditions result in a very harsh environment for a precision weigh batching system; especially when it is necessary to deliver extremely small batch sizes.  While the "Majors" system is producing 10,000 lbs. / batch, the colorant system is producing 5g to 500g/batch. In short, a little goes a long way

Benefits of System:

  • Accountable - Batch history log
  • Track and Trace - direct use, no manual off-line micro batch weigh-up operation
  • Enhance operator safety and eliminate occupational hazards
  • On-line real time supply direct to system mixer

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